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  • Axl Rosenberg

Describing Swedish melodeath supergroup Witchery back in May, Vince wrote that “their sound is decidedly thrashy; think faster Slayer-style with hints of death metal influence.” Maybe that explains why, as much as I admire these dudes’ day jobs, I’ve never gotten that into Witchery. I don’t think they’re bad; they just don’t do much for me. It’s telling that my favorite Witchery song is “Ashes,” a trick which is in no way indicative of their sound.

The band also plays up the melodeath aspects of the music on “From Dead to Worse,” the new song they’re streaming on MySpace, which must be why I like it. It’s not nearly as epic as “Ashes,” and I may very well forget how the chorus goes ten minutes after I finish writing this. But it’s definitely a good song.

Check it out for yourself. Witchery’s latest, Witchkrieg, is set for a June 29th North American release via Century.


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