We’ve given Dino Cazares a lot of shit on MetalSucks. And I know he’s read at least some of it. And I’ve been operating under the impression that he had no sense of humor about it whatsoever. But, hey, I’m happy to see that I was dead wrong.

These photos were taken by MetalSucks Maniac Ben Alden (right) and his friend Sam (left) at a Fear Factory show at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY on Friday night – and I give Dino major, major props for participating in their creation:

More photos, and Ben’s explanation of how this all went down, after the jump!

Here’s Ben’s first-hand account of the event:

I’ve read you guys for a couple years now, and have never gotten to see Fear Factory, until last night. What I always do, is try to get something completely apeshit random signed at every show I go to, for example, I have a santa hat signed by Hatebreed and Corpesgrinder Fisher. I’ve always gotten a kick outta the whole “Dino Eats Babies” shit you guys do, so what I decided to do, is get a toy baby doll and try to get it signed. Just as Fear Factory was getting on stage, I got up to the area where the bands walk in, screamed at Dino, showed him the baby, and he started laughing his ass off, came over, and took the baby up on stage, and screwed around with it through the set. After they were done, he came up to me laughing, and siad “I better see this on MetalSucks sometime in the next week or two.”

Here are some more pics:

And you can watch video of Dino holding the baby up on-stage on Sam’s Flickr page.

Ben and Sam are definitely, like, MetalSucks Maniacs of the Year for doing this. And, again, I wanna give Dino credit for doing this. It’s always good to see when people don’t take the shit we say too seriously. Respect!


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