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The original slogan for MetalSucks back when we first started was “Smart About Metal,” which was a play on Film Comment’s “Smart About Movies.” We got rid of that when we realized that sometimes it’s fun to act a like a dumb ass, but, still, we’d like to think that we’re doing something to fight the stereotype of metalheads — namely, that we’re all idiots who drink too much and get into fights and destroy property and engage in all manners of hooliganism.

Unfortunately, a lot of metalheads ARE complete fucking morons who seem to go out of their way to confirm the worst suspicions of the non-metal community. Like some Batavia, Illinois theatergoers at the recent Big Four satellite movie thingy, who got so outta hand that the cops had to show up and shut the screening down:

Patrons had broken at least one seat, broke armrests on others, and put a small hole in the screen, according to Batavia police. Theater managers told officers the people were drinking alcohol and illicitly videotaping the broadcast. Officers reported seeing “a large amount” of alcohol beverage containers, according to Deputy Chief Greg Thrun.

Now, it could’ve been way worse; no one was arrested (in fact, all the patrons were given refunds even though there was only a little bit of show left), the theater manager said that the incident was “nothing major,” and it’s not like anyone shot up the theater or anything. And I don’t begrudge anyone for drinking in the theater; I know some very cool people who did just that, so whatever.

But still: Would it really have been that hard for these twerps to just exercise a little bit of self-control and maybe not destroy shit? People who hear about this are gonna think, “Well, duh. People who listen to heavy metal music are slightly less intelligent than a slug.” And regardless of what the manager said, you can bet that the theater will think twice about ever booking any kind of metal-related show again, especially since they ended up losing money on the entire deal. We basically end up looking bad as a community, and what can we say? “Gee, we’re not all like that?” People won’t give a fuck. This behavior is indefensible.

So here’s to the idiots in Batavia, Illinois, who can’t handle their liquor and destroyed someone else’s property at an event that wasn’t even a real concert. I hope it was worth it, you dingleberries!


[via Blabbermouth]

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