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So Stereogum is streaming “Indians,” one of Mastodon’s contributions to the score the Megan Fox career killer, Jonah Hex. And I’ve listened to it three times now. And, uh… well. It sure does sound like Mastodon.

But not even, like, really good Mastodon. Maybe I’m just holding the band to a higher standard because, y’know, THEY’RE MOTHERFUCKING MASTODON, but I think that “Indians” gets repetitive and boring fast.

Someone will surely argue that it’s a film score, and that film scores are meant to be listened to only as a part of their accompanying movie; that someone is an idiot. Great film scores can be appreciated as terrific pieces of music all on their own. Period.

Look. I don’t hate it, or anything. But it’s probably the weakest Mastodon song I’ve ever heard.

The band apparently recorded the music “by viewing movie footage and actually composing the score spontaneously on the spot in the studio.” And the movie apparently stinks. So maybe they were just really, really uninspired by the footage. Or maybe that’s too rushed a process for Mastodon; maybe their usual composition process moves at a somewhat more deliberate pace. I dunno. I’m making excuses ’cause I don’t love this and I feel like I should. ‘Cause usually when I hear new Mastodon, I go from six to midnight in record time. But this just really isn’t doing anything for me.

Give it a listen yourself and then tell me whether or not I’m crazy in the comments section. Mastodon’s Jonah Hex EP will be out June 29 on Reprise.


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