West Coast be damned, I’ll be mighty disappointed if Devin “Poopy McNuggeteer” Towsend doesn’t end up announcing East Coast dates for his October U.S. tour. But whether he does or does not, it seems fairly certain that we won’t be treated to a special performance of Ziltoid in its entirety the way our Finnish compadres at the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival were. And even if the power of the skullet — now the hairdo of choice of the mighty Ziltoid himself — by some miraculous intervention decides to bestow the entirety of the Ziltoid album upon us, there’s no way Testament’s Chuck Fucking Billy will come out to do guest vocals as the Planet Smasher character on the song “Planet Smasher.” And hot damn, does Billy sound scarier than ever or what?

But hey, if that happened that’d really be something. Regardless, we’re pretty sure any Devin Townsend set brought east will tickle our testicles just fine.


Thanks: TNOTB

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