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German death metallers Jack Slater certainly aren’t the first band to preview a metal album solely using their voices (that honor famously and hilariously belongs to Killswitch Engage’s a cappella preview of As Daylight Dies), but that doesn’t make their vocal rendition of this song from their 2008 release Blut/Macht/Frei any less funny. Skip to the 0:50 mark unless you wanna hear a bunch of German you can’t understand:

What are these wily Germans up to now? Here’s “Martyr” from their February 2010 release Extinction Aftermath. It’s some pretty tasty DM with a bit of groove and a bit of tech. I like!

I’m baffled by a) the presence of the woman in this video. what’s the point? and b) the drummer’s ski goggles. zuh? But other than that, I’d say we have a winner here with Jack Slater. Go and get you some.


Thanks: Benjamin Feiner

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