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  • Axl Rosenberg


What could Antagonist possibly have against Sasha Grey? The (freaking gorgeous) porn star seems to be a legitimately intelligent fan of metal, and it’s hard to begrudge her her mainstream success (She starred in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, and will apparently be on Entourage this season.). So if I was gonna make fun of a porn star, I’d probably choose an out and out freak, like Jenna Jameson, or maybe Tera Wray, because she married Wayne Static and is therefore a moron.

But why poor Sasha? Did she used to date a member of Antagonist? I can’t figure out why else the band would possibly write a song named after her and featuring lyrics such as, “You sold your soul, congratulations, you’ve made it.” How do they know what’s in Sasha’s soul? Maybe it’s lots and lots of anal. Ever think of that, fellas?

While I ponder this issue some more, you can check out the song here. It comes off of Antagonist’s new album, World in Decline, which comes out August 17 on Prosthetic.


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