• Axl Rosenberg

I first saw this ad for Yahoo! on Bring Back Glam over a week ago — but waited until this, most glorious of Hair Metal Weeks of MetalSucks, to share it with you all. My DVR generally allows me to save myself the agony of watching television advertisements these days (and Vince doesn’t even keep a television in the Neilstein Wing of the Mansion), but if I did still have to sit through those amazingly obnoxious efforts to get you to buy a product, well, I guess listening to some Crue while I did it might ease my pain.

Of course, anyone who saw Hot Tub Time Machine (which is riddled with hair metal references) knows that this is only the second best use of “Home Sweet Home” in pop culture this year — for, surely, nothing is superior to Motley Lou (spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the movie yet):


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