• Axl Rosenberg

In case there was any doubt, Living Colour are still one of the coolest bands on the planet.

Shortly before they were set to take the stage for a sold-out show in New Hampshire on Sunday night, they realized that vocalist Corey Glover had laryngitis, and couldn’t risk using his voice, lest he do serious damage and endanger the group’s upcoming European tour.

At this point, most bands probably would have cancelled, even if the venue was already full. But not Living Colour: according to Union Leader, they took the stage anyway, playing as a three-piece, and — apparently as a joke — invited fans to come up on stage and take Glover’s spot.

And guess what? Three fans — Nick David, Charles Davis and Dan Swanson — took them up on their offer:

“I’ve never heard of anything like it, not in my experience. It was like an open mic night, only with Living Colour as your backup musicians,” said [venue owner Scott] Hayward.

You may recall that Machine Head did something similar back in February; as in that instance, I’m sure Living Colour made these dudes’ lives. Hell, I can’t sing worth a shit, but I know all the words to every LC song and I probably would have jumped on stage given half a chance.

Here’s video of LC doing “Love Rears Its Ugly Head” with Nick David on vocals. He’s no Corey Glover, but then, who is?

Living Colour’s latest, The Chair in the Doorway, is out now on Megaforce.


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