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Consider this article the online equivalent of those stickers on CDs that say “For Fans Of…”. If you like BTBAM, give all of these bands a shot! Thanks as always to our loyal readers for sending these suggestions in; these are the cream of the crop.
  • Picture It In Ruins: The band’s guitarist Luke Friebel asked us not too be turned off by the fact that these guys are from Wyoming. Why would we care about that? Being from Wyoming is actually pretty cool; I can’t imagine they have a scorching hot metal scene there so the fact that these guys even exist is neat in and of itself. The band is pretty good too, even if it’s blatantly obvious how much they love BTBAM.
  • Dead At the Scene: A bit more core-y than BTBAM or the above, but still definitely BTBAM-influenced. Dig their video for “Sharktopus” above. It’s all artsy and stuff. I think Axl would like it.
  • The Viking: Probably the least overtly BTBAM influenced of these three bands, but there’s still plenty of proggy metal mixed with core to go around and plenty of epicness along with it. Lots of extended instrumental passages and winding, story-telling solos… how can you fight that? [Thanks: Benjamin Petraitis]


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