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The Grill ‘Em All food truck — Los Angeles-based mobile proprietors of delicious metal-themed burgers — is releasing its own BBQ sauce! And we asked you to help come up with a name for it. After much deliberation and many hilarious entries, Chef Ryan has made his selection. Here’s a note from the Chef himself:

Hey there, rippers!

First off I’d like to thank all you maniacs for helping us find a name for our amazing BBQ sauce; you out did yourselves for real! There were some really tough choices: “Baste ‘Em All,” “Napalm Breath,” “6 6 Sauce,” and of course, “Hammer Smashed Baste!” Awesome!

Unfortunately there can only be one winner, and our personal favorite for many reasons (one of them being that it was the least offensive, haha!) is “Mosh Pit Barbecue Sauce,” submitted by rattlehead.

So congratulations, rattlehead, your name is officially going on our barbeque sauce! Here’s a picture of a bottle with no label and also a picture of what is coming to a grill near you!

Thanks again to everyone who responded, and look out for Grill Em All’s MOSH PIT BBQ SAUCE in stores soon!


P.S. – Jimmy, “Grilled In Action” is amazing, although I don’t think anyone would get it, haha! (my old bands name was Killed In Action)

Congrats to rattlehead and everyone who participated. Rattlehead will get two bottles of the newly named Mosh Pit BBQ Sauce as well as a Grill ‘Em All t-shirt in the mail, and as for the rest of you, make sure you watch The Los Angeles Food Trucks episode of Food Wars featuring Grill ‘Em All TONIGHT, August 18th at 10 pm EST on the Travel Channel.

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