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  • Axl Rosenberg

In September it will have been three years since A Life Once Lost released their last album, Iron Gag, and although it’s entirely possible that I’m just neurotic, when a band doesn’t put out an album for three years I begin to worry that they might never put out an album again, even if, as is the case with ALOL, they have a sizable following. Because let’s be real — there are very, very few rockstars in metal, and these dudes gotta eat. So unless you’re talking about a Machine Head/The Blackening-type situation — where the band did some headlining tours and Mayhem and the European festivals (twice I think) and opened for Metallica and basically not only toured relentlessly but toured in a very visible manner — three years can feel like an eternity. There are kids who weren’t even listening to metal three years ago and have no idea who the hell A Life Once Lost are, y’know?

But hopefully that will change — for A Life Once Lost have not broken up, and they are working on a new album, which their MySpace page says is coming out this year. Which would be swell! There’s even a demo for a new song, “Expression of Hate,” posted there, which is much more in the vein of A Great Artist than Iron Gag. Check it out.

This was all brought to my attention via a studio update from ALOL guitarists Doug “Snake Sustaine” Sabolick and Robert Carpenter, which was posted by our friends at Metal Injection. Watch it below. It was filmed and edited by Troy Coffee and features artwork by Mike Wohlberg.


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