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It’s only been a week since The Ocean announced details about Anthropocentric, the follow-up and conclusion to the two-parter started by Heliocentric earlier this year, and already we’ve got a sample of new music; The Ocean are good at using the Interwebs in that way. Reader Ashley Lee sent in the above studio video of drummer Luc Hess laying down some tracks to a metronome and you can kinda hear some guitar scratch tracks in the background. It’s hard to really hear what’s going on, but like I said… a sample! About all I can tell from it is that it sounds very Oceany.

A quick note about the firestorm over Heliocentric that erupted in the comments of last week’s post. The general consensus seems to be that Heliocentric didn’t live up to some of the Ocean’s past work, and I agree; it’s not that it was too soft, or too proggy, or had too many clean vocal passages, or too much / too little of anything… it’s just that as a whole, it was missing a little something. Still, some of the songs are instant classics, as good as anything the band’s written to date, and I enjoyed the album overall. A sub-par Ocean album is still miles beyond what most other bands can do. And with the promises that Anthropocentric will be more “straight forward” and “heavy,” I can’t wait to find out what’s in store.


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