Kamelot are one of those bands I’ve heard mentioned time and time again over the years but for whatever reason never actually listened to. Call it BS, or Blabbermouth Syndrome; it’s like there’s all these Euro bands that get a ton of coverage over there but we’re all like “Zuh? Who actually listens to these bands?” But apparently lots of folks do. See also: Stratovarius.

Anyway, Kamelot. Since they’ve got a new release called Poetry for the Poisoned coming out on September 14th (is it September already??? crikey), I decided to check out their new video for “The Great Pandemonium.” And it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a band named after a fictional 12th-Century British castle; it also happens to be pretty good! It’s all powery / Epic Euro Metal (which I love), except most of the members are from the U.S., and it certainly feels fantastical although I haven’t checked out the lyrics. The video is high-budget affair by today’s standards, complete with plenty of CG intercut with high-gloss faux live footage of the band playing the song, which would seem to indicate that yes, this band is big enough to warrant spending a lot of dough on a video.

So if you’re into power / epic bands that tr00/br00tal kids would call “gay,” check out “The Great Pandemonium” below via Noisecreep. Poetry for the Poisoned comes out on September 14th.


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