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POWERAXE PUBLICIST FAIL, BAND WINLast week the monkeys brought a press release to the Vince Division that was sent in by a publicist who often send us stuff… nothing out of the ordinary there. We won’t mention the poor chap’s name for the sake of his dignity, but what followed was downright embarrassing and laughable. Publicist claimed that he’d just seen (last night!!!) a “face-melting” set by L.A. band Poweraxe — whose members “look to be about 16 y.o.” — and even though he claimed he wasn’t officially working with the band for PR Company X these kids were just so damn great he had to let us know about them! He even included a mediafire link to download the record. Gee, thanks, dude!

Then the following day we got an email from the band themselves. With the same exact mediafire link.


This is on the level of getting emails from a band “manager” that actually ends up just being the drummer. It’s dishonest and insulting to our intelligence. Fucking knock it off.

Thankfully I’m not a spiteful person and I won’t hold it against Poweraxe, so I decided to check out their music anyway. They do look to be about 16 years old, but they play with the maturity of much more seasoned musicians. They’re a bass and drums duo of brothers, their wonky, off-time, fuzzed-out instrumental metal sounding like Tom Morello and Coalesce riffs on LSD as played by someone who listened to way too much Botch growing up. It’s a curious mix to be sure, and while the so-called Axe brothers (Brian and Ryan… wait, seriously?) aren’t likely to take over the world with this kind of music they’re certainly doing something really interesting.

Stream their entire Slaughter the Animals, Poison the Earth EP on Bandcamp.


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