Not Quite Metal?



Few bands in metal have as singular a vision as Chicago’s Tub Ring. Tub Ring just sound like Tub Ring… and no on else even approximates their sound. It takes perseverance and artistic dedication to play the kind of music Tub Ring do to a limited niche following, but persevered Tub Ring have for the likes of a nearly 20-year career. These days Tub Ring are so experimental and unique that it’d be hard to even classify them as “metal” but there’s no denying where their roots are, and the heavy influence does still peek through from time to time.

“Touching the Enemy” is perhaps one of the least metal songs on their new album Secret Handshakes, but it’s one of the weirdest and most interesting. So is the video, a one-take affair that’s a tad bit nauseating but quite engaging nonetheless. Unsurprising that a band this unique would come up with a video idea this cool.

Secret Handshakes is out now via The End Records. Order it here.


Thanks: TNOTB

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