alexi laiho esp guitar contestApparently the Alexi Laiho giveaway we announced last month was a popular contest, and with all these sweet prizes it’s not shocking that so many of you entered and have since been pestering us to announce the winner:

The suspense is over, as MetalSucks reader RumuluXX is the lucky one who will be receiving all that great gear listed above. We asked you to tell us what your favorite Children of Bodom guitar solo was and why, and here’s the answer he gave:

My favorite Bodom solo is Needled 24/7, and it should be yours too. Why? Because the first time I heard it I got an erection so massive that it tore a hole in time and space that created an alternate universe. An alternate universe where Ted Nugent only plays music and never talks. An alternate universe where Cliff Burton is still alive and Metallica is still relevant. An alternate universe where Chris Farley is alive and the guys who made Vampires Suck/Date Movie/Epic Movie are raped on a daily basis by an incredibly large black man known only by the name of “Incredibly Large Black Man. Every time I hear this solo our world crosses into that one a little bit more, and isn’t that a world you want to live in?

Congrats, dude! Enjoy your bounty.

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