• Axl Rosenberg

Metal fans love to boast about how long they’ve been listening to extreme music. The longer you’ve been listening, the tr00er you are, I guess; you’ve suddenly earned the right to tell people how much awesomer everything was back in the day, and the longer ago an event occurred, the better it was. No joke, I bet that somewhere there’s some guy who was the first Sabbath show ever, and he thinks nothing has been as cool since.

So even if you got into metal when you were ten years old, there’s always some dude who wants to tell you how he was listening to metal when he was eight years old, and then there’s some dude who started when he was three, and there’s always that “I was listening to metal in the womb!” guy.

Well, hey, guess what? This is a real picture of a real fetus in a real womb, so I guess this lil’ sucker has us all licked:

THIS FETUS: TR00ER > YOUThe baby in question is a boy, and the proud parents are Jeff and Susan Snow from the non-metal band Invisible Music. Susan was apparently one of THREE women associated with the band who were all pregnant at the same time (although one of them isn’t actually a member of the group), but, clearly, she’s the one who gets bragging rights.

And even though everyone knows that horns are out and invisible oranges are in, I’m willing to let it slide, ’cause, y’know. It’s a fetus, and he probably can’t read MetalSucks yet to learn things like that.


Thanks to Adam Whitehead and Mykee Shaffer for the tip!

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