Power Metal Party




Last night MetalGF brought back bagels to the Vince Division for me to eat for breakfast this morning. Since there aren’t really any great bagel shops around the MS Mansion this is a real treat for me, except for the only cream cheese we had in the fridge this morning was like over a week old. And while the bagel hit the spot, the cream cheese was… I dunno, a little too tart or something. Since the cream cheese didn’t cut it, I found myself craving some real cheese this morning… Powerworld to the rescue! When you name your band Powerworld you’ve got to know you’re going to appeal to a very specific crowd. So, if the name Powerworld turns you off then you should stop reading this post right now.

Otherwise, hey, time for some cheesy Euro power! Ze Germans do it better than everyone else, so it’s no surprise that Powerworld call Germany their home, yet Africa is featured most prominently on their album cover… what’s the meaning of it all??? The cradle of civilization? The center of power? African Power Metal? African power metal… that’s something I’d really like to hear. Anyway, Powerworld play pretty standard Helloween/Edguy style power, but with lots of pinched harmonics, never a bad thing.

Powerworld will release Human Parasite, their second album, in the U.S. on November 9th. You can stream the title track at Brave Words (click the audio player link in the left sidebar).


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