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Since getting cable for the first time in five years this past September I’ve been fascinated with TV, can’t stop watching it whenever I have the chance; Hulu, torrents and the like are great, but sometimes you don’t know what you want to watch and prefer the glorious ADHD-riddled game known as channel surfing. Other than the occasional sports broadcast, my cable box stays parked between the channel range of 270-290 on Direct TV, aka all the dork channels: Discovery, History, A&E, etc. But one channel really takes the cake; The Science Channel! Anyone who has a cable provider that doesn’t broadcast this channel is missing out on some of the best shows to grace television’s black screen in ages such as MANTRACKER, HOW IT’S MADE and SURVIVORMAN. A++++ would do business with again fast shipping programming! For the most part I really don’t need to change the channel; I could watch endless repeats of those three shows (with a little Mythbusters thrown in) and be perfectly happy.

So it’s no surprise then that I had no idea ex-Skid Row and ex-Saigon Kick drummer Phil Varone is now a C-list celebrity because of an appearance on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2009.

I mean, uh, good for Phil or whatever, because even if he hasn’t cured his addiction to the penis-in-vagina dance the exposure from that show has landed him a spot on the cover of the Winter 2011 edition of Playgirl Magazine. Even if his services are no longer needed by the remaining members of “Skid Row,” at least Phil’s got a classy career as a reality show star and Playgirl coverman. His mama and papa must be real proud of him.

We don’t have the Playgirl issue in hand, so we have no idea whether Varone’s monkey business matches the power and size of fellow Playgirl alum Peter Steele (R.I.P.), but perhaps a particularly enterprising MS reader can do the dirty work and fill us in.


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