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A day after Cosmo Lee slammed The Faceless for not writing actual songs he’s redeemed himself with an ace interview with Yngwie Malmsteen… another guy whose detractors argue doesn’t write actual songs, but I digress. When it comes to shred there’s no one better or more outrageous than Yngwie — or as his new album title would suggest, more Relentless — and as such I’d expect any interview with Malmsteen to be suitably ridiculous. I confess, I got the same PR interview pitch about Yngwie that Cosmo did, but I was too chicken-shit to do the interview; what would I ask? “Tell me about the fur coat you wore for your Japanese Philharmonic performance”? “Tell me about your Ferrari collection.” Turns out I didn’t have to ask the latter, ’cause Cosmo got Yng-Yng to talk about Ferraris anyway:

If one day you suddenly went deaf, what would you do?

Well, that would be a terrible thing. I would spend my time driving around Ferraris, I guess.

Perfect answer. A+++ would do business with again! Head on over to Invisible Oranges to read the full interview and watch a few videos of endless neo-classical shred, natch. The new album Relentless is out now; I haven’t heard it, but I’ll bet it sounds a lot like Yngwie.


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