Seeing Holy Grail’s new video for “My Last Attack” only makes me that much more excited about seeing these dudes live. A “live” video like this is the perfect introduction to a new band as this is the first chance most folks have gotten to see what the band looks like, and by all accounts these guys fucking smoke in the live setting. Whereas in the ’80s and ’90s metal bands filmed “fake live” videos on big stages in giant arenas, we all know that in 2010 metal bands don’t play in arenas; they play in dirty, cramped clubs. And though the audio in this music video is obviously the album version of the track, it sure looks like Holy Grail are loads and loads of fun to watch live. Shred! Hair! Fist pumping! I’m so in. These dudes are on tour now with Blind Guardian, but I think I’ll wait to catch ’em in a more proper, metal setting like the one in this video.

Holy Grail‘s absolutely stellar debut Crisis in Utopia is out now on Prosthetic Records. If you don’t like good music, don’t check it out.


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