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Everyone knows that a band’s first album is always their best and everything thereafter sucks. It is not possible for a band to get better with time, especially if they’ve signed with a record label. Just ask Ziltoid, everyone’s favorite Interhole metal troll.

Ziltoid was all over the nuts of Cormorant just last year and first brought them to our attention when he interviewed Arthur Von Nagel on the day he took over MS. Now, I’m not spiteful (ok sometimes) and I’ll give credit where it’s due; Cormorant are a good band, and Ziltoid definitely made us aware of them. Metazoa was a rockin’ album, fer sure, and I’m quite impressed that it was completely self-funded and entirely DIY.

So now it’s a whole year and three months later — which in Troll Time is like an eternity — and Cormorant have announced that they’ll be entering the studio in early 2011 to record a new album.

Is it time for Ziltoid to turn his back on Cormorant now that they’re achieving more success and he’s not the only one in the world who knows about them? Or will he swim in the glory of having discovered a band so many people now dig?

Now look what I’ve gone and done… a whole post about Ziltoid instead of where the emphasis should really be: Cormorant. Shame on me. I, for one, am quite excited about a new Cormorant album. I’d hope Von Nagel and co. can step up the mixing and production just a tad bit this time around to underscore their awesome songwriting and playing. Maybe we can even convince Arthur to resurrect his very informative Tiberian Vocalizations MetalSucks column.


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