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Keith Merrow is one of those super-talented dudes who writes and records full-fledged, pro-sounding instrumental metal records all by his lonesome in his home studio. After I featured him in Readers Choice exactly a year ago he reached out to me and sent me two of his records, The Arrival and Lonestar Transcend (in 320kbps no less! what a mensch), both of which quite literally knocked my socks off. Literally… my socks were promptly jettisoned from my feet upon pressing “play.”

But you know who’s better than Keith Merrow? Jeff Fucking Loomis. No disrespect meant to Mr. Merrow of course, but Loomis is pretty much a God amongst men when it comes to technique. I know what you beardo crusties are thinking… all chops, no soul… but you couldn’t be more wrong. Loomis has it all, motherfuckers!

So you know what’s even better than Keith Merrow and even better than Jeff Loomis? I think you know where I’m going with this… Keith Merrow and Jeff Loomis together on the same recording!! Holy fuckticles. Watch these outtakes Keith sent us of Loomis tracking a solo on Merrow’s forthcoming solo album.

A curious update posted on Keith Merrow’s website in October notes that he’s doing songwriting work for an undisclosed Century Media artist in the “pretty straight-forward metal” vein. I hope it’s not Vampires Everywhere or someone equally shitty. I mean, what metal bands needs songs written for them in 2010? Take that money and run, Keith!


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