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Photo by Jeremy Saffer

The latest sign for Guy Kozowyk’s Black Market Activities label is New Jersey’s Fit for an Autopsy. The band is notable for several reasons (besides the fact that they’re good, I mean), namely:

  • They are that rarest of breeds — a good deathcore band. After seeing them live last year, our own Sammy O’Hagar said that “the band’s brutal, glowering take on [deathcore] reminded one of the squandered potential of the genre,” noting that “hardcore grooves and swagger, when incorporated correctly, blend quite well with death metal.” Sammy also complimented front man Nate Johnson, asserting that Johnson’s “serrated vocals provided the oomph needed to put the band over the top.” Oceano: take note.

  • Johnson. He did the vocals for what is still my favorite Through the Eyes of the Dead album, 2007’s Malice. And, yes, his presence here is a little confusing, given that in 2008, he left TTEOTD because “I didn’t really enjoy being a death metal vocalist as much as I thought I would,” but I’m not gonna complain, as he brings quite a bit to the fold.
  • Guitarist Will Putney. You know Putney’s work whether your realize it or not — his day job is as a producer/engineer at Machine Shop, and this year alone, he’s produced Iron Thrones’ The Wretched Sun, The Human Abstract’s Digital Veil (which won’t be out ’til next year but you already know is gonna be awesome), and the vocals for After the Burial’s In Dreams.

In other words: I have really high hopes for this band. Their BMA debut should be out sometime next year. We’ll keep you updated, but in the meantime, you can, and should, familiarize yourself with the band here.


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