Saturday Song to Get Stoned To


  • Kip Wingerschmidt

We’ve talked a fair amount as of late about the side projects/comings & goings of the riconkulonk Dutch band Textures and its offshoots.

First we got sexually excited about the proggalicious side project Exivious featuring members of Textures and Cynic…..then we lamented the demise of said side project.

Said side project.

Said side project.

Said side project.

Then we got saddy-poos about Textures’ stellar vocalist Eric Kalsbeek leaving the band…..then we rejoiced in the news of a new vocal stylist entering the fold.

Then we empathized over the trials & tribulations of CiliCe, whose vocalist Daniël De Jongh left the band to join Textures.  Some time passed, and then they found a new frontman.

But where does all of our love for this extended musical family come from, you ask?

Right here:


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