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At the Gates were supposed to be done forever ever ever for reals yo after their reunion tour wrapped in ’08, but I guess they had too much fun/made too much money/some combination thereof to stick to that threat, ’cause they’ve posted the following on their official web page:

At the gates will do a limited run of select shows in 2011. Simply put, we had the time of our lives during the 2008 reunion and have decided to do a couple of more shows. Although we won’t be touring extensively, and we stick to the initial promise of not making anymore music. Please check our homepage and myspace for updates.

/At The Gates – december 2010

So its just two dates right now, but we’ll see if they stick to this “we won’t be touring extensively” thing. I mean, at this point, we clearly can’t take what the band says at face value. Which is fine in this instance, because worst case scenario is we get to see At the Gates more.

Here are the two dates announced thus far… there are supposed to be more to follow:

June 17, 2011 – Metal Town, Gothenburg, Sweden
July 22, 2011 – Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland


Thanks: Steve Peyton

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