So back in May, Max Cavalera blamed Andreas Kisser for our current lack of a Sepultura reunion. And while I took Max’s side at the time, Anso schooled me right proper just a couple of days later, proposing that Max might be, um, less than honorable. And now that Max is changing his story just seventh months later, it’s getting really, really hard not to think that Anso nailed it right on the head.

See, all of a sudden, Max is on an anti-Paulo Jr. campaign. Last week he told Revolver that Paulo was “the only musician that didn’t improve much” during the classic Sepult-era, even going so far as to allege that Paulo didn’t record any of the bass tracks on any Sep releases prior to Roots. I didn’t think much of it at the time; for one thing, I don’t think that Paulo is anyone’s favorite member of Sepultura, and for another thing, even though it might seem weird that Max is asserting that for roughly a decade the band has a bass player so untalented that he couldn’t record his album tracks and no one ever thought to replace him, I’m sad to say that I’ve heard stories like that before, so it actually seemed entirely plausible.

But now Metal Insider has brought it to my attention that Max is once again talking smack on his former bandmate, this time saying it’s all Paulo’s fault, and not Andreas’ fault, that there hasn’t been a Sep reunion. He tells Sonic Excess:

“I don’t know why, but I think Paulo is really against the reunion. People should ask him why he is so against it, because I think it would be a great think for the fans to see the original line-up… I don’t need a reunion, because Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy are doing great, but I would like to do it for the fans to show them we had this kick ass band. We can do it again, but people should ask Paulo why it doesn’t appeal to him.”

Holy shit, do you think now all these idiots are gonna start walking up to Paulo and going “Hey, dick, why are you so against the reunion?” Even if it’s true (which seems, um, a little unlikely, given that, again, he was pointing the finger at Andreas not too long ago), why would he possibly instruct fans to do such a thing? Does he really wanna manufacture the reunion via guilt trip/torture?

And speaking of being childish — “I don’t need a reunion, because Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy are doing great” is a gem. I mean, I think those bands really are doing quite well, but that’s like walking up to your ex at a party and going “Hey, wanna fuck? No? That’s cool, I didn’t really wanna fuck you anyway. Yeah, I’m dating this hot supermodel right now. I just thought you might wanna. Okay. Whatever. By-eeeeee!!!


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