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I think I’ve made it pretty clear that thus far, The Damned Things bore me to tears, despite being both an Anthrax fan and an Every Time I Die fan. But I was holding out hope that when I heard their debut, Ironiclast, in its entirety, my mind would be changed. That there would be some awesome hard rock on there that the band just hand’t unveiled to the world yet. I actively wanted to eat a bag of crow on this one.

No such luck. The album is now streaming in full over at, and it’s not doin’ a damn thing for me (see what I did there?). Again, it’s not terrible, just soporific. At least there are no power ballads, I guess.

But I’m sure that some of you will disagree with me, vocally, in the comments section if you’re so inclined. So, y’know. Have at it.

Ironiclast comes out on Tuesday, just in time for you to teach an old person how to illegally download it for Christmas.


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