Metal Merch



Maybe this has been around for awhile and it’s just now coming to my attention, but I saw the below on Zena Metal Wants to Conquer the World last week, and it elicited one long, giant head scratch from me:

I had no problem with the Slayer Christmas light show or the Christmas-themes Sleigh’r Dark Doüble Alt Ale because those weren’t sanctioned by the band — but I have to assume that someone in Camp Slayer had to sign something for whomever makes this to use the band’s logo.

And, uh, doesn’t it seem weird that a band with songs and album titles like God Hates Us All, Haunting the Chapel, Christ Illusion, “Jesus Saves” (which is a sarcastic title, natch), and just about  a gajillion other anti-Christian-themed songs should have a product for a holiday celebrating the birth of Christ? I know that at least one member of the band doesn’t actually believe in the shit the band sings about (hi, Tom), but I also know that at least one member actually does (hi, Kerry).

So, uh, yeah. Just seemed odd is all.


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