Necessary Roughness




Hello, everybody. As we gear up for a holiday celebration of some sort depending on your religion, upbringing or general scroogery, we also gear up for brutal weather (in some places), presents and more football. The year and regular season are on their way out which means teams will be playing more enthusiastically for their shot at the playoffs. We’ll also see boring games between teams who will definitely not make the playoffs against teams who are pulling their starters to rest them for the playoffs.

The big game this week that everyone is talking about is the the incredible San Diego-San Fran game. Just kidding. Nobody is talking about this game. The 49ers didn’t even score until the 4th in this 34-7 blowout. The actual game I’m speaking of is Michael “Mad Dog” Vick and his Eagles’ triumphant comeback against the NY Giants.

How do you let an opposing team score 28 points in 7 minutes? I did love when Giants kicker Matt Dodge was told to kick the ball out of bounds. Much like T. Cruise in Top Gun, Dodge doesn’t like authority and decided to ignore his coaches request by kicking it into the arms of DeSean Jackson who ran it back for a touchdown but not before taunting the entire Meadowlands by skipping along the goal line before crossing it. The Eagles now take control of the NFC East. I don’t know if New York fucked Philly’s sister or what but not only did the Eagles have the comeback of the season, the Flyers manhandled the Rangers the night before and south paw pitcher Cliff Lee decided to take less money than offered by the Yanks to join up with the Phillies. In basketball news the Sixers are 11-16. Sorry Philly, can’t win ’em all.

Here in New England we thought last night’s game was going to be a snooze fest without Aaron Rodgers QBing for Green Bay and boy, were we wrong. This kid Matt Flynn comes out, his first NFL start in his three season career, and nearly takes it home. With his parents in the audience, Flynn was making all the right moves and eating up the clock while he did it. The Packers could run and throw whenever they wanted. They looked like a well-oiled machine. The game shifter came in the form of a Patriot 313lb. offensive lineman named Dan Connolly who returned a kick for a record setting 71 yards by an OL. I suggest finding this footage if you have not seen it yet. It’s like watching Baby Huey running with a tiny faberge egg in molasses. I think it took Connolly a half hour to get down the field. [Watch it here! -Ed.]

Another close finish was the Cowboys over Redskins victory. Dallas had the opposition on the ropes at the start of the 4th quarter with a 30-14 lead. Washington mounted a 16 point rally which in the end just wasn’t enough.

Well, that’s it for me. I’m off to work now. These gold plated toilets, gold plated ceilings and gold plated gold don’t pay for themselves!

– GW

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