In Flames

When it comes to In Flames fans, there are two kinds: those who love The Jester Race and nothing else, and those who love the band’s middle period albums (Whoracle, Colony and Clayman)…. maybe you’ll find a stray fan here and there who prefers Come Clarity. Or so I thought until I read Cosmo Lee’s thoughts on the matter.

“I especially like their records after when they supposedly “sold out”, from Reroute to Remain onwards,” sez the Invisible Oranges mastermind. “The crisp, dry sound of their last two records is a marked contrast to the over-production to which their Gothenburg peers succumbed.” Woah, what? Crisp and dry, perhaps… but not over-produced? Cosmo then calls Reroute to Remain “adventurous,” which I’m pretty sure must just be code-speak for “what every mainstream alt-metal band in 2002 was doing.” Are we listening to the same records? Wait, did a tr00 guy like Cosmo really just say he likes three of the most reviled records in In Flames’ entire nine album discography? Blasphemy! I kid, of course; I may disagree, but I certainly respect Cosmo’s opinion.

But it got me thinking… maybe my opinions on In Flames are skewed. They certainly have experienced quite a surge in popularity since around the time Reroute to Remain was released, especially so after Ferret Records catapulted them into the U.S. metal mainstream with Come Clarity. So: what’s YOUR favorite In Flames record?

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