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Sweden’s glam metal renaissance is solely responsible for my throbbing, veiny ear-ection these days, but so far my fave jamz are from two sleek, uber-produced acts: Crazy Lixx and Crashdiet. Young me wouldn’t have looked twice at these synthy, post-Loverboy bad-boys-running-wild types, but goddammit it’s 2011 and I’ll take what I can get. Shit, the songs are there, so it’s cool. But secretly, what I’m eagerly awaiting is the raunchy counterparts to this scene’s Poison, Slaughter, Warrant, and Winger. (I think Goethenberg’s Hardcore Superstar splits the difference like Motley Crue.) Yes, I say let’s get some non-glossy, sleazy, bluesy, flashy, ribald, Swedish hair rock, cuz it’s impossible to overrate the best work of Badlands, Junkyard, Dangerous Toys, and BulletBoys. Oh wow stop the presses there go the fabulous BulletBoys right now! Big news!

BulletBoys’ self-titled debut album was a smash success during the heyday of heavy metal, going platinum and spawning the MTV and radio hits “For The Love Of Money” and “Smooth Up In Ya.” Now original members Marq Torien (vocals) and Lonnie Vencent (bass) have reunited to perform the LP from beginning to end for the first time in the group’s long and storied history.

This is probably beside the point — we were talking Sweda– and D’Anda-less BulletBoys here — but we probably all agree that live performance of entire albums is an exciting prospect that never results in real fun. But, man, the idea is so tantalizing! Think of it: Aged bands switching off auto-pilot to delve into the deep cuts, the very deep cuts that go unheralded compared to an album’s more immediate material, the same songs that do all the heavy lifting whilst the sing-along faves are out prancing around with their boobs hanging out, the ostensibly not-ready-for-primetime tracks that may drag down the concert vibe, the jamz like “Hallowed Point” and “Disposable Heroes” and, um, gosh, BulletBoys’ “Kissin’ Kitty” (as played by guitarist Mick Sweda, above) that reward repeat ticket-buyers and devoted listeners but may bore casual fans. Plus, it’s so often a motivation to reassemble long-lost key band members, y’know, the good ones who cost money (cough Mick Sweda rules).

So, yeah, I’m into the concept, but it needs a tweak: Bands, please do not play the songs in order; don’t devote a segment of the show to the album’s tracks; and, fuck, most importantly, don’t bother to celebrate, commemorate, encapsulate, or otherwise pay tribute to yourselves and your own work in the live environment — especially without the album’s actual creators present (wise up Marq Torien). It’s annoying. For serious. Even an egomaniac like me doesn’t do that and my work is the very elite pinnacle of heavy metal column writing. Oh hey click here to read my stuff in order and in its entirety.


BulletBoys featuring original members Marq Torien and Lonnie Vencent will play their self-titled debut on tour in March-April. More info here.

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