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Remember how 2011 is The Year of the Prog Dork and how Meshuggah hinted at the possibility of a new album in a recent live webcast? Well, my fellow Internet nerd constituents, today’s excitement comes in the form of more information from Meshuggah about their forthcoming 2011 release.

Tomas Haake and Jens Kidman recently sat down with The Deciblog to share their thoughts on what to expect from the follow-up to 2008’s ObZen. Or, rather, Haake shared his thoughts and Kidman just stared at the camera and nodded. But really, let’s not kid ourselves; despite any minor adjustments the band might make in their writing and recording processes this record is still going to sound like Meshuggah. If you think Meshuggah are overrated hacks splooged upon by wannabe musicians then you’re not going to like it, while if you think Meshuggah are masters of a generation then you’re probably gonna love it. As for me… MESHUUUUGAAAAHHHH!!!


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