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The Year of The Prog Dork just keeps getting better and betterer. Monday we heard new music from Devin Townsend, yesterday Protest the Hero announced they’d release their new record Scurrilous on March 22nd, and today we get some clips of new music from pioneering metal record label METAL BLADE RECORDS recording artists Between the Buried and Me in the form of a new studio clip (watch the first one here) from their forthcoming David Bottrill-produced EP:

More prog metal dorkery: on Monday I off-handedly suggested that we might end up with a new Meshuggah album in 2011, but that was pure speculation based simply on the fact that, ya know, it’s been a little while. As it turns out, there’s a very good chance I was right:

The intrepid Rob Pasbani of Metal Injection watched in on a “Nuclear Blast Screening Room” live chat in which Meshuggah frontman Jens Kidman and drummer Tomas Haake revealed that they’re eyeing a September or October release for a follow-up to 2008’s ObZen. They also revealed that they’ll be bringing in outside help in the form of Daniel Bergstrand to mix the record, which they’ve been writing for at least a year now. Haake on the sound of the new album:

We have a sound that we are going for. We were pretty happy with how the production came out on obZen, and the new album is kind of in that vein, but there will always be a bit of difference.

There you have it. 2011: new BTBAM, new Devin Townsend (x2), new Protest the Hero, new Meshuggah. Let’s see if I can strike gold twice here: new Opeth and new Mastodon, perhaps???


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