This Sucks



Well, this is terrible.

Early this morning an anonymous reader sent us a link to this Polish news article, which claims that (and excuse my Google translator’s poor phrasing) “Nergal was taken to hospital with a strong infection.” The article goes on to say that “It is not known whether the infection will affect the adoption of a bone marrow transplant,” which Nergal recently underwent to treat leukemia, and that it’s not clear how long he will have to remain in the hospital.

You may recall that Nergal has been living in seclusion and being attended to by only his parents following his release from the hospital last month for just this reason — because in his current state, his weakened immune system was particularly susceptible to infection. I honestly don’t know that much about leukemia or bone marrow transplants, but I’m hoping that this is a relatively normal, and treatable, occurrence in these types of cases.

In any case, we’re continuing to send out good thoughts to Nergal, his family, and his friends. We hope he’s home again soon…


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