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When I last wrote about this ripping new[-ish] death metal band The Famine I lazily compared them to Dying Fetus, which I realized even then didn’t quite capture their sound. In light of last week’s stream, a much more apt comparison would be Abysmal Dawn; these dudes play fast and brutal death metal with a dose of Morbid Angel-style technicality and a hint of Slayer. This is shit to headbang too — HARD — no breakdowns, no bullshit, no “weedily-weedily.”

Oh, you’re hesitant to give them a shot because they’re on Solid State and you’re afraid they’ll ram Christ down your throat? Maybe this quote from vocalist Nick Nowell about the subject matter of “The Crown and the Holy See” — now streaming at Noisecreep — will put things into perspective for you:

The crown’ representing the state, and ‘the holy see’ representing the church. This song is about the latent racist, middle-aged guy who votes a straight party ticket because he slurps down his doctrine from AM radio and drives a $40,000 truck with a faded bumper sticker on it that has an American flag and says, ‘These colors don’t run!

He never had the gumption to serve in the military, but his idea of foreign policy involves a dusting off prayer and a healthy dose of nuclear codes. After all, his pastor said, ‘An eye for an eye’ or ‘plus, they pray to the wrong God anyway.’ Don’t worry though, he sleeps just fine at night. He already has a spot in heaven.

Hmm… this song doesn’t sound preachy to me… just calling it like they see it. Besides which, good music should stand on its own merit regardless of lyrical content (within reason).

Listen to “The Crown and the Holy See” at Noisecreep; The Architects of Guilt comes out on February 15th and is available for pre-order here.


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