What the...??


  • Axl Rosenberg

So apparently Cannibal Corpse were at the airport in Brussels, and they just spotted the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and, like, went up to him n’ shit, and he was totally cool to them. Oh! And Denise Korycki — who also shot the band’s amazing Centuries of Torment DVD, the documentary portion of God Forbid’s Beneath the Scars of Glory and Progression, and a thousand other awesome things you love — was on-hand to capture it on film. So we can actually watch it now!

Best part: Rob Barrett telling Jackson “I thought that was you!”, as though they were old pals. I mean, I don’t think Barrett intended it to sound that way, but it does, and it’s friggin’ hilarious. I also enjoyed the clearly not-quite-awake-yet Corpsegrinder. (At first I thought he might just be baked, but apparently the dude doesn’t smoke.)

Metal Insider (where I first saw this video) speculates that this clip might “be featured in the behind the scene specials for [Cannibal Corpse’s new DVD] Global Evisceration,” and they’re probably 100% correct. We’ll find out when Evisceration is released via Metal Blade on March 15.


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