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New releases by Deicide, Neuraxis and Total Fucking Destruction top this week’s list of new metal albums available in the States. While the new one from Emmure is guaranteed to outsell them all (combined!), we can take solace in the fact that there a smattering of other great new releases too from the likes of Ava Inferi, Darkest Era, Rabbits, The Famine, and a whole lot more. Vic Vaughn breaks ’em all down after the fold.

Ava Inferi – Onyx (Season Of Mist)
Ava Inferi are probably most famous because their guitarist, Rune Eriksen, played guitar in Mayhem from 1995-2008. They play a dark gothic brand of metal, and this is their fourth album.

Cauldron – Burning Fortune (Earache)
Complete NWOBHM worship is what Cauldron are all about. This is some seriously awesome heavy metal, the third release from the band overall. Lead singer/bassist Jason Decay formed Cauldron after his similar band, Goat Horn, broke up in 2006.

Darkest Era – Last Caress of Light (Metal Blade)
Irish folk metal band Darkest Era have put out two EPs so far, 2008’s The Journey Through Damnation and 2010’s The Oak Sessions. Their first full album, Last Caress Of Light, is their debut for Metal Blade records.

Deicide – To Hell With God (Century Media)
The tenth studio album from the infamous and legendary Deicide is not going to surprise you. Deicide have always brought the same things to their records, and that’s a good thing. Say what you want about their shifting lineup, but the music has always been about playing speedy, aggressive death metal, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on To Hell With God.

Dr. Acula – Slander (Victory)
…Jesus. It’s bad. Real bad. Review done.

Emmure – Speaker of the Dead (Victory)
See above, but I want to add that these guys sell their own boxing gloves…”for the pit”. Yeah, what?

Impiety – Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny (Agonia)
Impiety is driven by a musician named Shyaithan, the band’s only original member. Since forming the band in 1990, the black metal group has gone through numerous lineup changes, as well as moving the band’s location to secure new lineups. Formed in Singapore, the band now lives in Italy.

Nearaxis – Asylon (Prosthetic)
Tech/death metal band Neuraxis’s sixth record is their first with no original members of the band. Yan Thiel (bassist since 1994) left the band in July 2009.

Rabbits – Lower Forms (Relapse)
Coming from out of nowhere (at least to this writer), some Portland band called Rabbits are putting out their first record for Relapse. So the name blows…check out the music, though. The two tracks they have posted on their Facebook are some sludgy, heavy, tasty jams… I am looking forward to this one. This is the band’s fourth release, following three vinyl-only albums.

The Famine – The Architects of Guilt (Solid State)
The Famine features former members of Embodyment and Demon Hunter. Their third record, The Architects of Guilt, will be their second for Solid State Records.

To Cast A Shadow – In Memory Of (Kolony)
Europe sure has a TON of gothic metal bands. That’s not a knock on the genre; I appreciate it, I just can’t figure out why tons of Europeans are into these bands and I can’t name more than five American counterparts off-hand. Norway’s To Cast A Shadow’s new record, In Memory Of, features guest vocals on the track “Betula” by Theatre of Tragedy singer Neil Sigland.

Total Fucking Destruction – Hater (Translation Loss)
A much-needed injection of awesome grindcore. TFD have been around since 1999, founded by ex-Brutal Truth drummer Richard Hoak. The album shies away from being monotonous by including some more drawn-out numbers as well as your standard breakneck grindcore tracks. Hater is TFD’s third full-length record, but the band has a huge back catalog of splits and compilations as well.

Virus – The Agent That Shapes The Desert (Virulent Music/Duplicate Records)
Carl-Michael Eide, the founder of the band Virus, is a former member of Satyricon, Ulver, Aura Noir, and even Dimmu Borgir as a session drummer. The band plays an avant-garde style of rock that could be considered jazz. After splitting from Season of Mist Records, The Agent That Shapes The Desert is self-released by the band (Virulent is their own label), using money from preorders of the new album and some additional funds from Duplicate Records.

The Warriors – See How You Are (Victory)
The Warriors are the only band I can think of currently on Victory Records that I actually enjoy. The metal/hardcore punk band is now releasing their second album for the label, See How You Are. This release follows 2007’s Genuine Sense of Outrage.


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