Holy shit, did you know that Whitesnake are still around? It’s true! They’ve even released a new video, for a song called “Love Will Set You Free.” And even though David Coverdale now looks like he should be luring children into the oven in his gingerbread house*, the song is actually not awful, and the video is totally competent! It’s nothing you haven’t seen/heard before, but I’m just shocked that this isn’t embarrassing in every single way.

The band apparently has a new album coming out, called Forevermore, on March 29. Even though this song didn’t make me wanna kill anyone, I’m not going to listen to it — but I think I should be able to convince Leyla or Anso to do so.


*Seriously, instead of teaching abstinence in certain public schools, they should just re-film the video for “Here I Go Again” with Coverdale and Tawny Kitaen the way they look now. After seeing that, no teenager would ever feel the desire to have sex ever again.

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