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Alright, so our friend Allie first showed this to us way back in December, and it’s pretty much the greatest thing in the history of ever. And yet, we somehow never got around to posting it. But we’re correcting that error right now!

So: MetalSucks Maniacs, meet Wild Steve. Please give him a warm welcome, and show him some respect. No, seriously: He is the heavyweight mosh skills mosh, so GET IT IN YOUR FUCKING SKULLS — YOU’LL GET FUCKING MOOSHED IF YOU FUCK WITH HIM.

Alright, so anyone wanna take any guesses as to what made him so angry before he made this video? Who fucked with Wild Steve? Who fucked with Wild Steve?!?

Here’s another clip from Wild Steve, which he apparently modeled on those videos terrorists send out. Choice moments include:

  • “This is my time to wepwesent!” (Yeah, I know, it’s not his fault he has a lisp. But he could sound like Morgan fucking Freeman and there’d still be a lot wrong with him, so whatever.)
  • “No one does not bring me down!”
  • The revelation that he’s been going to shows for almost eight whole years.
  • The apology at the end.

Okay, okay, one more: all you need to know about this one is that it’s called “America is Related to Poop.”

Hopefully, bouncers are searching this dude for bags of crap before letting him into a show. But just to be safe, I will now officially never go to a hardcore gig in Philly.

You can watch more wonderful Wild Steve videos here. He has a great YouTube user name, too.


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