Not Chris Jericho

Does anyone take Chris Jericho seriously? I’d stopped paying attention to pro wrestling by the time his career started, and the one time I heard Fozzy at a listening booth (remember those?), I thought it was pretty awful.

But the guy has his fans, I guess, and some of them are probably pretty upset that he’s going to be on the latest edition of ABC’s reality show, Dancing with the Stars. (In case you’re not familiar with the program and are too stupid to grasp the basic premise based on the title, it’s a show in which “stars” dance, and, uh, stuff.) His co-contestants will include The Karate Kid, a talk show host, a woman who actually used to let Hugh Hefner fuck her, a model, a retired boxer, and the morbidly obese lady who used to be on Cheers.

Honestly, I find this much less disgraceful than Vince Neil appearing on Skating with the Stars, because there are no ice skates involved, Jericho doesn’t look as though he could audition to play the title role in The Blob, and, like I said, I never held the dude in very high regard anyway. But like I said, Jericho’s fans might be upset right now, so, uh, let’s all give them a hug or whatever.

On the bright side, maybe Jericho will fall down and break his leg or something on television, and then at least we can all have a good laugh.


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