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So remember last year, when I reviewed this really good album called Orogeny that this really good band from Alaska called Turbid North had released all by themselves? Well, that band won’t hafta self-release their shit no more: Unearth front man Trevor Phipps has signed the band to his Ironclad Recordings label, and Orogeny is getting a re-release “in mid to late June,” according to a press release.

Here’s Phipps on how this all came to pass:

“We got their self released disc a few months ago and it is in constant rotation here at Ironclad. With only a few copies released we wanted to broaden the exposure of the band and this phenomenal album.”

So if you had a hard time finding Orogeny before, hopefully, that’s about to change. This is a really, really aardvark-impaling record, so I’m glad these dudes will now be exposed to a wider audience.

Here’s the band’s video for the song “Between the Glacier and the Sea.” It’s not the greatest video ever made, but it will give you a sense of how hard these dudes impale aardvarks.


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