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  • Sergeant D

IDK much about black metal (I stopped being interested in 1995 when I’d read all the gossip on Usenet about Euronymous getting killed) but if there are more bands like LITURGY, maybe I should get back into it?? What other bands should I check out if I am into these guys????

Again, I fully admit I don’t know much about this stuff so feel free to correct me but I was always a big fan of 90s post-rock/math-rock/etc like Orthrelm, Trans Am, Panasonic, and Don Caballero and I kind of feel like this is what Steve Albini would do if he was commissioned to do a BM record?? Like, what if he got Demon Che to play with Darkthrone? How sweet would that be?!?

At first I just kinda thought these guys were vanilla, 90s-style black metal like every other bunch  of hipsters who just bought “Lords Of Chaos,” but when he started talking about his manifesto and stuff in this video, I realized that they are not just about MUSIC. To me, black metal has always been about more than the the sound coming out of your speakers– like, the music is only the sonic expression of what is REALLY important, which is their IDEAS (eg there new kind of extreme drumming the burst-beat). When all those early BM bands came out and they sounded like talentless, tuneless shit, it was for a reason, it was all very conceptual! It was like “U THINK U KNOW ME, BUT U HAVE NO IDEA PS FUCK U!” I miss that kind of stuff, so I really appreciate LITURGY’s intellectual take on the genre.

Anyway, just want to give these guys some props– love what they are doing with they’re art, and it kind of makes me feel like there is still interesting stuff happening in the BM scene. Full disclosure: I’ve known the guitarist Hunter since we were both in the same English Lit grad program at Colombia, so I guess I am biased!

-Sergeant D.

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