We love having a good list to argue about here at MetalSucks (heck, we’re working on a new one ourselves right now… duh-duh-duhhhhh!!!), and today we have blessed with two of ’em. So enjoy reading these over, and then come back here and rip each new other assholes about ’em:

  • Gibson — yes, the guitar company — has a list of the Top 50 Metal Songs of All Time, and, uh, that is a fucking hard topic about which to argue. I only glanced at the list because I don’t even know how pretend to take this shit seriously, but I think a lot of the usual suspects are there. You may wanna get your panties in a twist over the fact that songs by Korn and Twisted Sister were selected over any number of more worthy bands (none of the following groups made the cut: Anthrax, Exodus, Testament, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, At the Gates or any other Swedish band, Napalm Death, Deicide, Sepultura, any black metal band… the list goes on and on). Also, they chose one of the weirdest possible Tool tracks available. I mean, it’s a beautiful song, but one of the fifty best metal tunes of all time?
  • Tombs’ Mike Hill has posted a list of the Top 10 Industrial Metal Albums over at Noisecreep. It’s a solid list I think, but some of you will surely take issue with the fact that Marilyn Manson didn’t make the cut.

Okay, now starting yer’ fightin’!


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