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No, wait, I think I typed that wrong. I mean, maybe Suicide Silence will/do have sex with everything, but they actually wrote a song called “Fuck Everything,” and I assume they mean that in a very nihilistic kinda way, not a voulez-vous coucher avec moi kinda way.

ANYWAY, “Fuck Everything.” A new Suicide Silence song that the band debuted live at some festival I’ve never heard of in Las Vegas. It sounds pretty Suicide Silence-y to me, but there’s a section right before the breakdown that could come right off of Slipknot’s first album, which makes sense, because I think in a lot of ways Suicide Silence aspire to be like Slipknot — really heavy but really, really successful. I mean, it’s telling that a lot of their deathcore peers moved closer and closer to more traditionalist DM with each release (see: Job for a Cowboy, Despised Icon, etc.), but Suicide Silence never did. They might be one “Heretic Anthem” away from making their Iowa. And this is an anthem so easy to learn that they’ve got the crowd screaming along even though it’s the first time anyone has heard the song. So, there ya go.

Check out the song below, then feel free to make snap judgments in the comments section. Suicide Silence’s new album should be out sometime this summer on Century Media.


[via Metal Injection]

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