Letters to the Editors


  • Axl Rosenberg


From Beastmaster:

“Over the last week I’ve noticed on the PRP that both Chelsea Grin and Within The Ruins have been denied entry into to Canada for their separate respective tours. Now granted, I don’t necessarily love these two bands, but I’m wondering if they are possibly related in some way…. Dun dun DUNNNNNNNN.”

Yes. They are both related in that I don’t like either of them. Unfortunately, I don’t control the Canadian government, so my guess is that they actually both just have merch dudes with records for possession or something idiotic like that. In any case, yes, I agree it’s ridiculous that Canada gets to be spared Chelsea Grin while Americans have to continue to endure them.

From Matt Kurtz:

“I’m reading right now that Dragonforce is going to be supporting Iron Maiden in Belfast in August. This would lead me to assume that they’ve found a new lead singer. Would ya’ll happen to have any knowledge on this?”

Yes. We know and we’re at liberty to say and we’re just not telling you, despite the amount of traffic that breaking news would draw. Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. Please allow us to correct this oversight immediately. It’s Corey Taylor. Corey Taylor is the new lead singer for Dragonforce. Amazing, we know.

From Jose Carnage:


Sup Jose. We did know that actually, but we didn’t report on the front man’s return to Bury Your Dead because, perhaps now more than ever, they sound like Bury Your Dead. Fun fact: if you put on a Bury Your Dead album and do a shot every time the band plays a breakdown, you will die from alcohol poisoning by the conclusion of the first song. It’s true. That’s how we lost David Bee Roth.

From David Z.:

“I have recently made the discovery of all of the haters against certain Deathcore bands.  Most metal heads only say this why:  Because everyone else does. I can strongly agree some of these bands are gay and “scene kid/brootal kid” bands (Take Bring Me The Hairspray and Asking Fagexandria for example) But many of these bands are very creative and actually make good music, Suicide Silence, After The Burial, Veil of Maya, and JFAC just to name a few (I consider Job  for a cowboy a deathcore band, atleast the Doom EP)  But no one realizes, DO SCENE KIDS ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THIS? I agree, theyre fucking stupid. They sit there “Oh hey! Lets go jam to some chealsea grin and straighten our hair like Olli Sykes!” “Yeah! Oh or we culd listen to Miss May I and talk about how hot the chick with the blue hair and pink highlights with the sweet hello kitty tattoo who likes we butter the bread with butter!!” people, THAT IS FUCKING STUPID! I have talked with few underground Deathmetal bands about this: Coathanger Abortion, Malevolent Christ, etc. Some deathcore bands are great, All Shall Perish, The Red Chord, Carnifex (though all the songs sound the same) Born of Osiris. These bands have a personality that can combine So many Different Elements of Metal that can make something very creative. So take this into consideration: Just because you listen to deathcore or any other band an average metalhead wouldnt consider, dont just sit and lie about it, atleast you know your not a poser or whatever. AND DONT DENY YOU LIKE NU METAL! WE ALL KNOW EVERY METAL HEAD DOES!  even you, who could possibly be denying it right now.”

Well, David, I agree that some bands which are classified as “deathcore” are good bands, but, as is so often the case with something that’s trendy, the good bands are now far outweighed by the bad ones who display no creativity whatsoever. If you think that “most” metal fans only dislike deathcore “because everyone else does,” than I’d say you don’t know “most” metal fans — or, at least, not the ones I know. Then again, the ones I know don’t use the words “gay” and “fag” as derogatory terms anymore, so I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that my friends are articulate people who can think for themselves, and your friends like nu-metal and can’t spell the word “could” correctly.


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