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As is the case with a lot of their peers, I am always, always, always going to check out the new Def Leppard song/album/whatever, even if my expectations aren’t very high. But the truth is, even though I have really enjoyed a new Def Lep offering since 1999’s Euphoria, these dudes have done a much better job of keeping their eye on the ball than, say, Motley Crue. Fact of the matter is, The Nine Armed Beast from Britain will probably never write a song as good as “Love Bites” or “Pour Some Sugar on Me” or even “Let’s Get Rocked” again, but at least they’re not running around writing songs with the dudes from A Simple Plan, y’know?

So. Def Leppard’s new song is called “Undefeated,” and I guess it got played on the radio, which these days is just another way of saying it’s now on YouTube. The lyrics are, as usual, completely ridiculous (“Look in these eyes, these eyes don’t lie/ And they say that if you don’t blink, then you don’t die.” That makes about as much sense as the fact that a certain one-armed drummer once beat his wife.), but if you ever enjoyed vintage Def Lep, it’s hard for me to imagine that you won’t at least tap your foot along with this sucker.

Def Leppard’s new album is actually a live album with three new studio tracks tossed in an effort to get people who don’t care about a Def Leppard live recording to purchase the thing anyway. It’s called Mirrorball and it will be out on Mercury, uh… well, I can’t find a release date, but sometime soon I imagine.


Thanks to Nikki Fixx for the tip!

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