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Usually I really hate “trailers” for new albums, ’cause, uh, like, what? A trailer for an album? No no no no no. You make trailers for movies, not albums. It makes sense to show an audience only a snippet of footage ’cause you’re really selling a story and you need to see a whole story for it to make sense and that story will be best enjoyed if you know as little as possible going into it. But with an album, the teaser should just be the single. Just play me a song. It won’t ruin the rest of the album to hear one complete song, and if I like it, I will want to hear the rest of said album. So, yeah, album trailers are dumb.

All of that being said, there is an exception for almost every rule… and so I’m posting this Trivium teaser, ’cause it’s pretty awesome. For one thing, I dunno if the footage is for a behind-the-scenes DVD or what, but holy shit, it’s not ugly. For another thing, the bluesy acoustic guitar stuff that serves as the soundtrack is killer. Obviously the whole album won’t sound like this, but I hope this track appears on the record in some form or another, be it as an intro or an interlude or whatever.

By the way, in case you’re scratching your head going “Why the heck are Trivium recording on some weird ass farm?”, that’s the (in)famous Audiohammer Studios in Florida. It just looks like a weird ass farm.

Trivum’s new album will be out later this year on Roadrunner.


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