Three cheers for the reader who is known only as “Greg.” For he sent us the video for Bad Habits’ “Thor,” which is not only the single best metal song I’ve heard all year, but is, without a doubt or any exaggeration, the best music video I have ever seen. In fact, it’s so good that movie theaters considering showing Marvel’s Thor in 3-D should just pull it and show this instead, because it’s so fantastic that it will fucking embarrass the makers of that flick.

Fucking AWESOME, right? And it turns out the band has made some other killer clips, too. Check it (I guess some of these are technically NSFW):


So blown away was I by these videos that I just had to seek out the band’s official website and see what they were all about. Apparently the singer is named Red Butane and the chick is named Glo Butane, and they’re “‘Mr.&Mrs. Rock’ (Goth, Punk, Metal, Blues… call it what you like).” According to the band’s bio, “In 2001 Glo dug Red out of the grave of an old churchyard and gave him the bite which resurrected him from the dead.” After that, Red summoned the band’s drummer, Santos El Diablo, “for hard hitting grooves.” Because, y’know, the very first thing you wanna do after being resurrected from the dead is find a good drummer.

The band’s story only gets more engaging from there:

“This is how the Bloodlust of Rock N’ Roll begins, so stick us on (anywhere and everywhere) and call the emergency brigade you’re going to need them for the mayhem!

“Made up of 3 unique Characters: a 999year old half vampire half human Man who has the blood essence of every major military figure in history flowing through his veins, the son of the devil who is trying to win back his redemption from his unfortunate birth and an invincible east meets west warrior princess who keeps the peace between the other 2 so that they can protect the world from untold evil in its many guises and disguises…”

I don’t even know if that was in English or not, but I do know that I just ordered my lady friend a Bad Habits shirt, as displayed in this totally professional shot from their merch store

…so the band is doing something right.

Bad Habit have somes shows in the UK coming up next month. You can get dates here. If any of our readers from that part of the world can get a picture of themselves wearing some MS merch with a member of the band, I will scrounge up something cool and special to send them as a reward.

And so in conclusion:


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